Every semester ends, regardless of how fun it is, or how horrible it is. Every semester end has a pretty standard routine to it now, for me, even into the days of COVID: I submit final grades and I have a renewed sense of hope for the future – I will institute all sorts of good habits! I will become incredibly productive! I will write EVERY DAY! I’ll take pictures EVERY DAY! I’ll run EVERY DAY!

After I spend today playing a video game, of course. I need a break, you know, and this is how I take a break from the grind.

Okay, so I played games yesterday, I’ll just play a game this morning while I sip my coffee, then I’ll — wait, what? It’s time for lunch? Crap. Ok, fine. Tomorrow I’ll start up the productive stuff but today is just sort of shot. Tomorrow, from the top.

And so it goes…I spend the first part of the “break” thinking how awesome it’s going to be, and how enormously successful I will be at managing my time, and suddenly the break is over and I’m sat on the sofa with a dead controller in my hand.


(See, I told you how it goes – I’m still early in the first step of things. Grades aren’t even all in!)

All sarcasm aside, I really hope it’s different.