Well, I went back for my checkup and to be fitted for my inserts. I’m another month away from resuming my running. I’m worried that Straxi doesn’t understand that I’m hurt and thinks that we’ve just unceremoniously quit our beloved runs. On the up side, I’m out of the peg leg/boot and I’m in a soft brace. It’s more complicated than the boot, unfortunately (I had to call the nurse to get a refresher on how to put it on – note to self: always write things down when you are at the doctors, and don’t leave until you are certain about the instructions). The up side is that I can walk and drive on my own. The first thing I did when I got home was to take Straxi for a long overdue walk. She was very happy. So was I.

Funny how things sort of work together (or against each other, as the case may be) in life:  I’m off work for a while (I’m a teacher and it’s May – summer school classes start in June) so I’ve got the time to dedicate to expanding my workout routine as well as my creativity and writing. I have time to be mindful. I’m so very, very lucky, even though I am unable to run. I know there will be a day when I can run again, even if it’s not today. My regular trail where we run surfaces in my mind from time to time and I honestly miss it. I miss all of the parts of running, honestly. Except the chafing. I could do without the chafing. 

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more of something else into my repertoire – more yoga and stretching, more weights (and by more I mean “in excess of the zero I am currently doing,”) and this is my chance. I’m planning to start with yoga at the Y on a regular basis and I’m using this book to help structure my weight program. I’m not using it for the diet part of it, though. I’m a longtime fan of Rich Roll and the plant based lifestyle, so while I might watch my calories, I’m not going to up and change the way I eat. 

The down side is that Straxi doesn’t have a YMCA membership. Neither does she have thumbs to grasp the weights, so I guess that’s just as well.