So Laura is headed to her own doc on Friday to get yet another shot in her paw…I’m not sure she’s ever going to recover from this. I know she is hoping that we will begin running again this weekend, but at this point, I can just smell the depression wafting off her.

What, you didn’t know that we dogs can smell depression? Well, we can. Why do you think that we sit closer to you when you’re sad? Or bring you toys? We know you’re unhappy, and we do all we can to make you feel better. That’s our purpose, most of us, and we take it very seriously. If our rawhide chewy is our favorite toy, we figure that you will love it even more than we do, so we are very happy to share.

My rawhide chewy does not seem to be helping Laura.

She’s very distracted with the work she’s doing to get ready to start teaching again this summer, which I suppose is good, and I sleep in my bed in her studio while she works. But I can tell that a big part of her own identity is caught up in being a runner – her mood is really not good right now, and she really misses our time on the trails.

She has talked about going shopping for some new running shoes soon – I hope she means SOON, and not just, like, you know, some day because I’m getting fat without our runs.