Month: October 2019


Growing up, my mom made sure me and my sister always did the things that kids were “supposed to” at that time – we got all the advantages and opportunities that our parents could give us. We had ballet and tap lessons, piano lessons, and we had sleepovers with friends. We had books, we had…

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Happy Soberversary!

Today is my 11th “birthday,” as it’s referred to in AA – it’s the 11th anniversary of my choice to be sober and not drink again (or at least, in the beginning, for 24 hours. Baby steps.) Some people would see it as the anniversary of the absolute worst day of their lives, because for…

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I’m reading Ronan Farrow’s new book, Catch and Kill, and first off, why are you reading this blog when you could be reading that? Go away and read this book, now. It’s that good. In keeping with my general “become obsessed about something new until it becomes old” approach, I googled the heck out of…

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