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Anticipatory Grief

I first heard that term when Chris was in the military, and it was obvious he was going to be going to Iraq (he never went, fortunately, because even during a time of active warfare, my son can screw up his employment opportunities with the government). I couldn’t figure out why I felt so calmly…

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What I’m Playing

It always comes as a huge shock to my students when I say that I love to game, and then follow it up with a little bit of street cred in the form of actually knowing what I’m talking about. This goes a very long way towards helping them “get” the concept of discourse communities…

By Rhetorica Running January 20, 2020 0


Growing up, my mom made sure me and my sister always did the things that kids were “supposed to” at that time – we got all the advantages and opportunities that our parents could give us. We had ballet and tap lessons, piano lessons, and we had sleepovers with friends. We had books, we had…

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